If you are like me when December arrives the digging shovel gets put away and the snow shovel is placed at the ready. In other words, thoughts of landscape maintenance take second stage to keeping the sidewalk and driveway clear of snow. But in reality, there are several productive landscape-related tasks that can be done over the winter.

Extend the usefulness of your Christmas tree. Consider putting your Christmas tree in the garden or in a flower bed over the winter. Birds and small animals will use it as a windbreak during the cold winter months. In the spring you can dispose of it along with your other spring clean up debris.

Prune those dead branches from your ornamental trees. You may have been looking at a dead branch or two all summer, but were just too busy to take care of it. The winter is a great time to prune trees; especially because insect and disease pests that might bring a disease to your tree are dormant.

Get rid of those pesky low branches. If you have been ducking to avoid low tree branches while mowing your lawn all summer it’s time to take care of that problem. You have all winter to trim those branches and you will be glad you did it when mowing season rolls around.

Maintain your tree & shrub pruning tools. Now that you have put your pruning tools to use it’s time to maintain them. Cleaning, sharpening and oiling your pruning tools will assure they are ready to go when spring arrives.

Don’t forget your lawn mower. Everybody rushes to get their lawn mowers or lawn mower blades into the shop in early to mid-April. Why not beat the rush and be ready to go when the grass starts growing?

Getting outside and staying active also helps break up the monotony of our Michigan winters. Taking care of a few of these items during the dormant season will mean your landscape will look all that much better when the warm weather returns.

Winter tree pruning
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Owen Tree Service.

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